Prayer meeting every Tuesday at 10AM.  Bible Study every Wednesday at 10am.  Prayer Walk every Thursday at 9am

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An adult bible study is conducted every Wednesday from 10am to 12pm in the Fellowship Room of  Main Street Community Church. 
Following the bible study, you are invited to participate in group prayer.


Jim Hayes, one of our regular attenders, has written a book of poetry which can be purchased online at
 Jim also publishes a daily poem he calls The Breadline which he will send to you on request. One of his poems is shown to the right. Click on LINKS to learn more.

We are a family of believers who meet weekly to worship our God, our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are working on becoming a discipling church in obedience to GOD, according to His Word.  

Come join us for Sunday worship...
Worship begins at 10:30am




Most of us in the church have grown up with fond memories of Palm Sunday. For me, I recall being a kid and coming down the aisle at church with a bunch of other kids with our fake palm branches and some type of costume.  What I knew was that it was about Jesus and it was supposed to be a special day.  Those things were true.  Yet as we look closely at the story we find there was such a variety of people represented.  There were people from one end of the spectrum of support to the other, the Pharisees who wanted Him killed.  As you study your way through this account, re-examine your own life as to your level of support of the Lord.  Are you one who in your heart and practice is shouting of your support and allegiance to Him as the “Hosanna One”… the One Who Saves? Have you morphed into being one who now sees Jesus only as a “circumstantial Savior”…Lord get me out of this latest jam but not a real drawing closer in relationship and following of Christ? At this Easter season, use this study to reexamine your walk and surrender to Christ.  Ask the Lord to refresh your love and obedience of His who is the true Hosanna…He Who Saves Now!




Listen to:

March 29
, 2015
Pastor Jack Grimm





The path of least resistance

When herded by one’s fears

Seems to be the safest bet

But only ends in tears

Broad and wide you’ll safely slide

Smoothly through that gate

It seems so nice but what a price

When you see it’s too late

No pain no gain it’s very plain

For every eye to see

That nothing that’s worth having

Ever comes for free

Eternity began for you

Within your mother’s womb

You need to get it figured out

Before you reach your tomb

That narrow rocky uphill climb

Against the current’s flow

Will only make you stronger

And cause your heart to grow

Stronger with each step of faith

Your eyes begin to see

The bondage and the shackles

The world calls being free

A pipe dream of deception

Just shiny mirrors and smoke

The path to yield a harvest

Takes sweat and plow and yoke




                  The Brother



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